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While meeting the transfusion needs in the local community is a primary focus for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, The Blood Center also provides blood products for non-transfusion, in-vitro research, evaluation or study.

Product List

Source Leukocytes: White blood cell concentrate (buffy coat) prepared from a single unit of whole blood by centrifugation. Product contains red blood cells and plasma, and negligible amount of anticoagulant (CPD). Cell counts, HLA typing, and QC testing are not performed on source leukocytes. Cell contents of product may vary in distribution. Volume 25 – 76 ml.

  • E5318 - Source Leukocytes for Research
Plasma: Plasma separated from Whole Blood by centrifugation (minimum volume 180 mL, anticoagulant CPD) Frozen at -18C within 24 hours of collection. Plasma contains plasma proteins and coagulation factors.
  • E2545 –Frozen Plasma for Research Only
  • E2489 –Liquid Plasma for Research Only
Salvage Whole Blood: Collected in anticoagulant CPD, minimum volume 150 mL
  • E0025 - Whole Blood, outdated or do not meet volume specs
Salvage Red Cells, Leukoreduced: Red blood cells prepared by centrifuging whole blood to remove as much plasma as possible, and replacing the plasma with ADSOL red cell preservative solution (AS-1).
  • E0318 – Outdated
Platelet Products:
  • E2949 - Apheresis Platelets, Outdated, minimum volume 100 mL
  • E5384 - Platelets, Whole blood derived, minimum volume 50 mL
Product Selections by Special Request (additional fee):
  • ABO specific
  • Gender specific
  • CMV (negative or positive)

Other Requirments

  • If you have not received a confirmation of your order within one hour of placing that order, please call us at (713) 791-6283.
  • Products may be picked up from the Blood Center at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Orders for next morning 9 a.m. pickup from The Blood Center must be submitted by 3 p.m. the previous day. Orders for same-day 3 p.m. pickup must be submitted by 11 a.m.
  • All shipping orders for next day arrival must be submitted by 3 p.m. the previous day.
  • Buffy coats are released test pending, unless specified for release test complete.

Research Product Orders, Information and Questions

To contact any of our staff, call the main phone number and ask for them by name or explain your need and our staff will be happy to direct you to the correct person.
Main Phone: (713) 791-6283

For inquiries on the following topics, the person listed is your best resource for information:

Purchase AgreementOmeisha Capdeville(713) 791-6389
Customer ServiceDavid Alexander(713) 791-6265
Technical InquiriesTarel Washington(713) 791-6358
Accounting ServicesCarl Simpson(713) 791-6225